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Your Personalized Earbuds

Creative Expert | Your Personalized Earbuds

Top 100 will become core Creative Expert team members and get priority for product research, design and testing. 

Now, let's spend 3 minutes to participate in this questionnaire to create your dream earbuds. Let's make it happen.

Q1. What type of headphones do you like the best?(single-select)

Q2. What are the biggest demands for you to use earbuds? (multi-select)
Q3.  What is the reason you would recommend earbuds to your friends? (single-select)
Q4. What is your gender?(Optional)
Q5. What would you do when have an online chat/call with others in a noisy environment? (single-select)
Q6. How often do you usually buy a new pair of earbuds? (single-select)
Q7. What is the price range of the earbuds you usually buy? (single-select)
Q8. In which of the following scenarios do you think you need noise-cancelling earbuds for calls? (single-select)
Q9. Which channel do you usually buy earbuds? (single-select)
Q10. How long do you use earbuds to listen to music every day? (single-select)
Q11. How long do you usually use the earbuds for calls every day? (single-select)
Q12. How long do you work every day? (single-select)
Q13. Which features of TWS earbuds do you like the most when using them? (multi-select)
Q14. In which situation would you use TWS the most for noise-cancelling during calls? (single-select)
Q15. What industry/sector do you work in? (single-select)
Q16. How much would you be willing to pay for a TWS earbuds? (single-select)
Q17. Which channel do you think gives you the most security and reliability when buying earbuds? (single-select)
Q18. What is your age range? (Optional)
Q19. What is your expected individual annual income in 2021? (single-select)
Q20. If you could create a pair of earbuds, what would your dream earbuds be like? 
Q21.  Please leave your email address for future contacting and prizes giving. Thanks in advance!