My wonderful encounter with Duolink

The other day, I came across a question on Quora where someone asked “What purpose does music serve in your life?” and the answer below really took the words right out of my mouth. “Music is the basis from which memories are made in life. Most of the memories have a soundtrack.” Meaning that every time the same music plays, those old recollections immediately come back.

I live a lifestyle where there is always music around and my emotions are deeply attached to it. That’s why I was so excited when I got the chance to join the Duolink test team and try out their product for a month. Surprisingly, Duolink extended the daily duration that I listen to music and changed my rhythm forever.


In a typical day of my life, a pair of wireless earbuds is a necessity to ensure that whenever I am alone, either walking on the street or sitting on the metro, I can listen to the newest released singles or my beloved playlists. Most of the time I spend listening to music I am by myself, alone. I do have a speaker at home that I received as a gift from my cousin two years ago, but I never would have thought to use a speaker that much until Duolink entered into my life.

During this month, I gradually realized there are so many chances that I can be surrounded by my favorite melodies. The first day when I inserted the earbuds into the speaker, I was amazed at how my song transferred immediately to the speaker without any delay whatsoever. The switch was so natural that I kept the music playing for the rest of the evening when I was cooking dinner and hanging out with my roommates. Music helps spice up the atmosphere of the home making us feel as if we were in a coffee shop or a fancy restaurant.

The following days, I carried Duolink with me wherever I went. It was definitely an eye-catcher among my friends. We spent time sharing stories about our favorite singers and movies, which made the afternoon so much shorter. Because of Duolink’s convenience and versatility, it unconsciously become such a habit of mine to have music with me longer than ever.

This summer, I rediscovered music. Sometimes in life, we are so used to a routine that we never realize that we may miss out on the wonderful moments that are right before our eyes. I hope that Duolink can keep up its momentum to bring out more innovative surprises.

Thanks to the work from Serena Smith.

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