Make music connect to your life.

Duolink plays music the way you want it when you want it. Here’s how to use the Duolink for your nonstop music experience.

While you are limited by the traditional ways to listen to music with buying several types of audio devices to meet your music needs, Duolink SpeakerBuds instantly transition your music to the audio device you need. It makes music connect to your life in more ways than ever before. You can use the Duolink to create greater closeness through shared music experiences with your loved ones or use it as a tool for an exclusive personal audio experience.

Play shows and movies

By splitting the Duolink into Duo Mode, you can set up an instant home theater sound system to amplify your audio experience. Watch the shows or movies you love with incredible stereo sound when your friends come over.

Play party music

Duolink’s Party Mode starts the party with bass enhanced sound which is comparable to the sound of the JBL company. With intensified bass, you don’t just hear the music, but actually feel it. You can easily take the Duolink anywhere with you to start an incredible party with your friends in an instant.


Play workout music

Take out the earbuds from the Duolink to get an immersive listening experience that will allow you to focus more on your workouts. The ear tips are specifically designed to conform to the shape of your ear, which ensures greater comfort for your gym sessions. It is sweat-proof and fits in your ears perfectly to handle the toughest of workouts.

Play on the go music.

Duolink earbuds are more powerful than ever. Groove to your music while fixing the Duolink on your backpack. With Duolink being less than half a pound, get ready to take your music companion with you and embark on your to-go music journey.

Play relaxing music for cooking

Get relaxed with the Duolink even when you cook at home. With Solo Mode, double-tap to activate voice assistant to liberate your hands and search for recipes or make calls. You can expand your music sharing with Duo Mode. Gather your friends to start a barbeque at a patio and use the other half to enjoy the same tunes while preparing food at the kitchen.

We’ll continue to keep this page updated as you find more ways to play the Duolink. And, we’d also love to know how you will use the Duolink. Share this blog on social media with #myduolink to find more ideas.


  • I like on my phone

  • I like on my phone

  • Really ancious for the device, and I have to ask if it’s waterproof

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